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Military Aerospace Technology

LM wins $13 million deal to improve helicopter survivability

Lockheed Martin on July 26 announced a $13 million U.S. Army contract to develop, integrate and flight-test two systems designed to improve a helicopter’s ability to survive attack from small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs). The first system, the Hostile Fire Indicator (HFI), uses sensors to detect muzzle flashes from small arms fire and RPGs, and computes the bearing to the threat’s location. The second system, a Visual Acquisition Disruptor, will inhibit the ability of enemy combatants to acquire an accurate shot at the aircraft, according to the company. Lockheed Martin will integrate the two systems with an additional processor that maintains Visual Acquisition Disruption (VAD) as the aircraft continues flying. The company will provide the engineering required to install the integrated systems aboard a U.S. Army UH-60L Black Hawk helicopter for flight test evaluation/demonstration in 2008.