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The Bridge to Better Information Assurance

Date and Time: Thursday, October 26, 2006 2:00 PM EST

Panelist(s) Info: Anthony Semaio, Principal Solutions Architect, AI Metrix 4

Duration: 1 hour

Description: When is degraded network performance really the leading indicator of a security breach?

How quickly can you tell the difference between a legitimate usage spike and a denial of service attack?

How can you effectively manage your network in the face of blended security threats and growing Information Assurance regulations?

The hidden secret in managing today's advanced networks is that although Information Assurance (IA) and Network Operations teams are on the same side, each has processes that too often get in each other's way. After all, IA is about much more than security, it's about creating reliable network environments, and that's an operational issue no matter how you look at it. Instead of working around each other, the secret to bringing IA, Security and NetOps teams together is implementing a unified event platform such as NeuralStar, which is being used in complex, high security networks, including INMS, Missile Defense, DARPA and the National Guard.

This webinar will focus on how integrating network operations and network security data to take a broader view of network events can maximize both operational management and IA compliance. It will include examples and case studies of how network professionals in defense and industry are using NeuralStar to meet their mission goals.

What you will learn:

  • How administrators can better manage network operations while increasing compliance with IA regulations.
  • How NetOps, Security and IA personnel can communicate better by sharing the same real-time, mission-critical data.
  • How to gain control over network events and customize processes so you can manage to your unique mission and ConOps.
  • How strategic managers can get a "big picture" view of the all of their network resources and events, including tiered and partner networks.
  • How front line administrators can quickly customize dashboards and network information tools for immediate mission needs.
  • How to easily integrate data from any kind of network-connected device, application, serviceýdata, voice, video, wireless, satellite or physical security system.
  • How you can respond more rapidly to performance and security conditions by taking direct control over devices from within your monitoring tool.
  • How to automate operational and IA network management tasks for faster responses, more accurate resolution and assured compliance.

Who should attend:

  • Directors/Managers of military and civilian agency networks
  • Directors/Managers of Information Assurance
  • IA Policy Directors
  • Network Security Directors
  • Network Operations Operators/Administrators
  • IA Operators and Managers
  • Network Managers responsible for data, voice and video service delivery

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